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Initial Situation

Infront B2Run, a subsidiary of the international sports marketing company Infront Sports & Media AG, organizes and develops Europe's largest corporate running series B2Run. In Germany, more than 195,000 participants from 9,500 companies take part of the B2Run series in 17 cities.

Along with Infront B2Run, the Fanomena GmbH will realize the digital starter kit eventbaxx for all participants at 17 company events for the years 2017,2018 and 2019. In that way, partners and sponsors can present themselves with interactive content and generate added value for the participants.


The common goal of eventbaxx and B2Run is to create advantages for all parties - participants, partners, sponsors and the company itself - with the help of the digital starter kit. Runners should get a quick overview of the most important information about the events and should not have to spend a lot of time searching for it. In addition, sponsors can place their offers in a targeted manner and direct them directly to the participants, who in turn can benefit from the added value.

In particular, the goal is to renounce on conventional print media in order to protect the environment. In addition, the range of the races is to be increased, new sponsorship revenues generated by the marketing of the digital starter kit are to be gained and the partially unknown runners are to be given a 'digital face'.


A total of 17 B2Run races with a digital starter kit was held in 2017. Since the 6110 team captains contacted could forward or share the digital starter kit, the original range was increased by a further 30%.

The interest of the participants is also confirmed by an opening rate of more than 85%. Since the B2Run run series, in cooperation with E. ON, is completely climate-neutral, the additional declared goal of operating sustainable by renouncing on classic print media has also been achieved: 126.8 kg of CO2 and 23,903 sheets of paper have already been saved as part of the run series!

B2Run and eventbaxx — a strong connection to be continued in 2018!


Opening rate of > 85%


Increase in reach

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Initial Situation

Run for those who can’t - keeping with this motto the running competition Wings for Life World Run is held annually to collect funds for the treatment of spinal cord injuries. For the Wings for Life World Run 2017 the organizers were looking for an innovative possibility to survey all participants that were located in 24 different countries.

The solution that eventbaxx implemented was to realize it’s digital goodie bag in form of a web-based questionnaire. In that way the survey could easily be distributed to all participants and evaluated in real time. Participants experienced the questions in an appealing way and had the possibility to win a prize while Wings for Life World Run profited from important insights to steadily improve the running series.


To create the questionnaire the core product of eventbaxx was adapted to the needs of Wings for Life World Run. Multiple questions could be asked successively, so that the organizers were able to quickly collect the runner’s opinion on the most relevant topics. Followed by spreading the eventbaxx to all participants a majority of 97,4 % of all runners completed the survey. With a bounce rate of just 2.52% the questionnaire was a complete success. Moreover, Wings for Life World Run and eventbaxx could save the environment by renouncing on classic paper questionnaires and thereby save 250.5 kg of CO2 and 47,289 sheets of paper throughout the running series.


Based on the success of the survey, Wings for Life World Run and eventbaxx agreed to expand the partnership onto 2018! Besides sticking to using the questionnaire after the event, the digital starter pack eventbaxx will be used in form of an in-app integration to offer partners and participants a new platform. While sponsors are able to present their offers in a digital way within the Wings for Life World Run App, runners can profit from the exclusive offers, discounts and raffles that await them.

Wings for Life World Run and eventbaxx — a strong partnership to be continued in 2018!


Finishing rate of > 95%


Great survey results



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